NeXt Doc Organizers

Founded in 2016 by Bhawin Suchak and Darian Henry who are also co-founders of Youth FX, NeXt Doc is a week-long fellowship program that is a partnership of Youth FX and the Logan Non-Fiction program at the Carey Institute for Global Good.  The program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for young documentary filmmakers, an intensive, residential experience, designed to bolster their capacity to succeed professionally and creatively at the beginning stage of their career. Our organizing team has a strong commitment to diversifying the documentary field and amplifying the voices of young filmmakers from marginalized communities. 


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Youth FX is an intensive hands-on program, based in the City of Albany, that is designed to empower young people by teaching them the technical and creative aspects of digital film making and offering a thorough overview of the production process.  Our primary mission is to work with a diverse groups of young people from communities that have been historically under-served and in need ofopportunities for training and engagement in emerging media technologies. Youth FX develops leadership, creativity, and critical thinking, through the collaborative process of digital filmmaking and media production.

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The Carey Institute for Global Good is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2012 by Wm. P. Carey and is dedicated to making the world better by contributing to a strong, educated and just society. Through its programs, the Institute strives to bring together innovative and dynamic people from around the world to seek creative solutions to the mostpressing challenges of the day.