2019 NeXt Doc Fellows Registration

Welcome 2019 NeXt Doc fellows!

Please review the form below and fill it out to the best of your ability. This information is important for us as we prepare for your arrival. Can't wait to meet you all!

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Please provide a phone number that we can reach you at to coordinate pick-ups upon your arrival in Albany
Please provide a short bio in the space provided below (2-3 sentences) and email a headshot (a clear, well-lit photo of you) to darian@youthfx.org by Monday, May 6th, 2019.
We will have a social media crew present documenting throughout our entire stay at NeXt Doc. Please share any social media you have below to be tagged in our posts.
Once you've made travel arrangements, please email a copy of your itinerary to info@youthfx.org
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Keep in mind that participants will be responsible for their own travel to and from the Albany/Troy/Schenectady area.
Do you need transportation from the Albany/Troy/Schenectady area to the Wilburton Inn Retreat Center?
Lodging for 2019 NeXt Doc participants will be in double occupancy rooms.
An important part of NeXt Doc is peer to peer engagement. We challenge you to talk about your work, give and receive critical feedback, learn from each other's experiences and brainstorm new ideas. These opportunities not only help to build skills and strengthen storytelling techniques, but also create community, and provide a foundation for future collaborations.
Do you plan to bring any project to share in our critique/feedback sessions? *
If so, please check the appropriate box regarding the stage of your project:
Is your project available online, or are you bringing it on a hard drive?
We take food very seriously! During our week-long opening retreat, we'll be sharing all our meals together and would like to be conscious of peoples food desires. (Don't be shy!) We will not be able to honor everyone's snack request but... let us know!
In case of an emergency, who should we contact?
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