2019 NeXt Doc Presenting Filmmakers

Youth FX and NeXt Doc are excited to announce our 2019 NeXt Doc Presenting Filmmakers and Visiting Fellows who will be screening films, leading workshops and participating in critical field-building conversations at our opening gathering of this years Fellowship, June 1st - June 7th.  We’re excited to have Jackie Olive (Always In Season), Michéle Stephenson (Changing Same, American Promise), Yvonne Welbon (Sisters In Cinema, The New Black), and Rosine Mbakam (Chez Jolie Coffuire) joining us as our 2019 presenting filmmakers.  This years NeXt Doc is also introducing a new Visiting Fellows program with Jasmine Bowles (co-director, Southern Documentary Fund) and Natalie Erazo (programmer, BAMCinétek) joining us to deepen the dialogue within the intersections of filmmaking, funding and programming.  We will also welcome back Kristin Feeley from the Sundance Documentary Program, one of our industry partners, to offer insights on pitching, funding and the art of non-fiction. 

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2019 NeXt Doc Visiting Fellows


2019 NeXt Doc Industry Partner Presenters


2018 NeXt Doc Presenting Filmmakers

Youth FX and the Logan Non-Fiction Program are excited to announce our 2018 NeXt Doc presenting filmmakers: Khalik Allah (dir. Black Mother, 2018), Bing Liu (dir. Minding the Gap, 2018), Lyric Cabral (dir.Terror, 2016), Rabab Haj Yahya (editor, The Feeling of Being Watched, 2018) and Samia Khan (MediaStorm producer, Fight Hate With Love, 2017) will all be joining us at the Carey Institute for Global Good from June 3rd - June 8th to share their work, and speak about their journey and process as documentary filmmakers.  Leaders in the documentary industry, including POV, The Alliance and Cynthia Lopez, will also offer live web-based workshops throughout the week to help our fellows gain insight and learn about valuable resources. Jeanelle Augustin and Kristin Feeley from Sundance Documentary Fund and Labs will also be presenting a workshop on these available opportunities.  The core of NeXt Doc is our presenting filmmakers, with each of them screening their work in the state-of-the-art theater at the Carey Institute's Guggenheim Pavilion, and leading a masterclass related to their work and their path as filmmakers.


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2018 Film Screenings

2017 Presenting Filmmakers

Our 2017 NeXt Doc presenting filmmakers were: Sam Pollard, Sabaah Folayan and Cecilia Aldorando.  Sam is a one of the trailblazers in diversifying the documentary field, with over 30 years of experience as a producer, editor and director.  He screened ACORN and The Firestorm, and offered a deep and comprehensive exploration of documentary film editing while taking us on a journey through his career. He also closed his workshop with a quick pitch session, where each fellow was asked to pitch a project and receive feedback.  Sabaah screened her award-winning film, Whose Streets?, and her master class gave an insightful glimpse into her journey as a first time filmmaker, the importance of community and collaboration with her co-director Damon Davis.  Cecilia presented her deeply intimate film Memories of a Penitent Heart, and dug deep into the challenges, risks and transformative power of making personal films which explore family issues.  The 2016 NeXt Doc program also featured award-winning filmmaker Iva Radivojevic, who spoke about her process of developing her unique aesthetic style and exploring experimental forms of narrative storytelling.

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